Guidelines for e-Blast and Social Media submissions



IMPORTANT:  Before reaching out to Communications be sure that you or your Programs Admin has input and published the actual event Meeting details or "coming soon" details to the Chapter's website. Your event should already be displayed in the PMINYC calendar Meeting Information list here. Both the "Read more" and "Register Now" buttons should be active. These tools are on the Star Chapter platform we use for our website.

Be sure to publish your event to the Chapter calendar the day the venue is booked. Do not delay. Include all of your event details such as date, time, topic, speaker, pricing, venue, links and icon. You will need a Star Chapter Admin ID provisioned as an Event Manager to do this. The details should be input into the Meeting Event Information online forms using the Standard Meeting Template

If you need credentials to do this, reach out to your PMINYC VP for ID approval. Visit the to view the training videos and handbook. Then contact PMINYC's Technology team for user access and support. 

Send an email to to notify us that your event is on the calendar. The calendar event is the trigger to start the campaign!



Next, send your E-Blast or Social Media request to

Only one request is necessary.  We can reuse your campaign until the event takes place. You should monitor your meeting list attendees levels to decide if your content is appealing to your audience, as is evidenced by your meeting registration list. You'll do this via the Meeting Manager tool in Star Chapter. If you need support, contact Technology. For control purposes, we segregate duties. Communications does not set up meeting activities or meeting details pages. Those activities are owned and handled by the teams that manage the events, i.e. Programs, Outreach, Symposium

Submission due dates:  6 business days before the publication date.

Eblast Publication Schedule:  As posted on the Events calendar up to 2 - 3 times per month (except none in July and August).

Why we ask for 6 business days:

We want to plan ahead to avoid last-minute crises and to overcome resource constraints. Our Communications Team is a volunteer-group of experienced Project Management Professionals who volunteer to give good delivery. Many balance a full-time career, family, and personal commitments. We use a hybrid, Agile-PMBoK approach to meet the schedule and storyboard needs.

As Event organizers at PMINYC, our Volunteers, Program Managers, Directors, and VPs prepare 90 to 180+ days in advance of each event date; this gives enough time to hand-off a detailed communications campaign to the Communications team and promote your event early in the project cycle. It also mitigates the stress and risk of other projects converging to impact your event. The PMINYC Communications team is a peer-volunteer shared services group. Please share your campaign needs with us early. We want to build a good “work-life-volunteer” experience and add value for all who volunteer at all levels.

How we use e-Blasts to promote your event

  • Prioritize PMINYC events over non-PMINYC events; we support a mix of programs
  • Design e-blasts to feature 2 (or more events); we handle special annual events, too
  • Embed links to 'read more' i.e. headline, venue, description and,'register now'.
  • Send 2 different versions to members v. non-members to focus promotions
  • Unfortunately, cannot send emails to ad-hoc groups, sub-groups, i.e. reminders

How You can get great results with e-Blasts

  • Submit your event content early before the due dates, i.e. give 6 business days. 
  • Specify the words "Eblast Request" and/or "Social Media" in the subject line.  
  • Specify if it the event is for "Members Only".
  • Be brief in your event invitations to be mobile-responsive.  (under 500 words).
  • Use the MS-word counter (lower left corner) to keep track of your word count.
  • Notify us when you publish the event in StarChapter admin: (1) an event with full details or a ‘Save the Date’, incl. photo (2) publish your event in both views: the side panel ‘list module’, and the event calendar grid.
  • Optional: Artwork. Communications will select images for you. However, if you'd like to suggest an image, your artwork needs to be a 300 dpi (dots per inch) high-resolution jpg, or eps file.  An eps format is common for logos. Do not submit a png image. All images must be permissioned or licensed. Images should not contain lettering. Palettes should be neutral tones, i.e. blue, beige, tan, gray, black or white because bold colors might clash with other imagery on the site. 
  • Required dimensions for artwork or imagery you choose to submit are:
    • - Carousel banner = 1050 x 328 pixels
    • - Newsletter or eblast = 750 x 400 pixels
    • - Social media = 450 x 300 pixels
  • Communications reserves the editorial right to amend content or imagery. 
  • Ask us for help early to vet the requirements and timelines. 


If your activity isn’t on the Events Calendar, please provide the following information to the Programs team at

      • Event name
      • Venue name and address
      • Date and time
      • Cost (member/non-member, if different)
      • Registration dates
      • PDUs awarded by category (Technical, Leadership, Strategic)


Or if it is an Outreach or Symposium Event, please contact your Event Manager to publish it.