PMI NYC Letter from the President - April 2022


Message from the President- April 2022


Greetings Everyone,


We have reached the end of 1Q 2022, and the chapter continues to move forward. The Covid situation, although much improved since last year, remains a dominant factor regarding chapter activities but we are looking at different, innovative ways to manage through this exceedingly difficult operational obstacle. There are other challenges that impact the chapter and how we operate. Many people have become accustomed to working from home and have limited their travel, especially the use of public transportation. The sensitivity to attending indoor events and being near others is also a factor. Additionally, in New York City, crime has become a major concern for most New Yorkers and is further affecting travel in the subways and other public transportation options. We can only hope that elected officials will continue to address this issue and provide a safer environment for residents and visitors.


There is some good news about the chapter. Our overall chapter performance has improved significantly in 2021. The latest metrics show some very encouraging trends.


Member retention is at 78.39%, up from 70.49 in Jan 2021

Member Satisfaction is at 75%, up from 64% at the end of 2020

Likelihood to Renew is at 81%, up from 69% at the end of 2020

Likelihood to recommend the chapter is at 75%, up from 71% at the end of 2020.

These statistics indicate that we are on the right track, but we still have work to do.


The board members, working with their respective volunteer teams are continuously seeking new ways to raise the bar regarding member value and we will continue to address the needs of the members and their desire for useful, educational, programs and events, including networking activities.


The chapter did have some exciting events this past quarter, including two added items: The International Women’s Day event, March 8 in association with the Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Specific Interest Group and a Construction Specific Interest Group mixer February 23. The Outreach team organized a PMO Roundtable – Creating a Culture that Values Project Management, March 29, and the VP Programs team arranged for three excellent chapter meetings. The chapter meetings, virtual through March, also featured some networking time for informal dialog before and after the meetings. The chapter also held an outstanding Virtual Volunteer Recognition event organized by VP of Membership Jennifer Ruda. During that meeting, VP of Strategic Planning, Kim Beynon presented the chapter’s strategies for 2022 and beyond. Feedback from the session indicated a high degree of satisfaction and appreciation for providing detailed information about the chapters plans for continued operational success.


VP of Professional Development, Fred Stein, has initiated a Symposium team and details will be provided as plans are developed.


The chapter financial situation remains very sound, and the Board is addressing the fiduciary responsibility to its members. Due to change in Vice President, as a result of the 2021 election, the internal financial audit has not been scheduled but we anticipate the audit will be completed in 2Q 2022. A town hall meeting for all members will be scheduled and the chapter financial data will be disclosed to the membership at that meeting.


Keep in mind that the chapter is managed by volunteers and there is much to do. We really need to increase our volunteer team so please, if you have some time to spare, consider supporting the chapter by volunteering, event for just a few hours a month.


As we approach the Holidays and prepare to observe the different religious events that occur this time of the year, I wish you a most enjoyable, pleasant, and personally fulfilling holiday observance and a safe and less stressful spring season.




Frank P. Saladis PMP, PMI Fellow

President – PMINYC Chapter