Science of Planning a Project (8/18/22)

Ways of Working

Keynote - The Science of Planning a Project


Are you able to answer questions like:

   - Why do we need to define the project and create a plan?

   - Won’t we finish sooner if we just start the work?

   - The plan says the project will take eight months … Why is it to take so long?

   - Why do we need to complete those ten tasks to get the project done?

Questions are generally received defensively by Project Leaders. It’s easy to feel like the person is questioning our judgment or expertise. Our minds quickly have thoughts like … Who are you to question how I do my job? I’m a Project Leadership Professional!. Ironically, learning starts with a question …  People generally ask questions because they need an answer. More often than not, our stakeholders are asking “why” with all sincerity. They don’t understand “why,” and they hope that you can enlighten them (people don’t like to do work when they don’t understand “why” they are doing it).

Learning Objectives:

   - Define and scope a project that enables you to “Communicate to Lead!”

   - Learn how to use Assumptions, Risk, and Constraints to eliminate all avoidable blockers.

   - How to build a defensible Workplan that positions you as a leader as opposed to a


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Jason Scott


Jason is the Founder & CEO of 120VC. From the start of his career spent jumping out of helicopters as a rescue swimmer in the United States Navy, J. Scott has a long history of leadership, servanthood, and bearing witness to the transformative power of getting sh*t done.

Since starting 120VC, he’s personally overseen the global transformational efforts within DirecTV, Trader Joe’s, Blizzard Entertainment, Sony Pictures, Mattel, and others. His team’s unique, human-centric approach to change has generated breakthrough results and created meaningful jobs.

In addition to being a successful entrepreneur, J. Scott is a devoted husband and father and author of “It’s Never Just Business: It’s About People” and “The Irreverent Guide to Project Management,” both available on



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