For New (and Current) Members

Welcome to YOUR chapter! If you did not complete a survey - please provide us with your input!
PMI NYC is entirely conceived and operated by members, like you, who choose to volunteer.

If you have not already done so - please register for an upcoming New Member Orientation Webinar. These are held electronically about once per month. Please visit the Chapter Calendar and register.

A list of other things to do below:

  1. Come to a chapter meeting or other event! Check out the Events calendar

  2. Confirm your PMI profile (that email address is used for Chapter mailings)

  3. Spend 5 minutes reviewing the chapter web site

  4. If looking to get certified, check out Study Groups

  5. Check out the ever-growing offerings of Professional Development

  6. For professional growth, check out Mentoring or Toastmasters

  7. Interested in giving back, check out Outreach or Volunteering; update your VRMS Profile

  8. Join our LinkedIn group

  9. Join our Slack workspace

  10. Explore (using your PMI log-in)

Questions about chapter membership? Email