The PMINYC Mentoring Program provides mentoring opportunities for all members of our chapter. Mentoring is a mutual sharing of experiences and opinions to create agreed-upon outcomes. This program aims to develop and strengthen project management competencies in line with the PMINYC Chapter goals of servicing member value and professional development. It is a great learning opportunity for both mentors and mentees.

The value partners gain in mentoring depends largely on the goals of the mentoring pair and their professional relationship. Participants may find that their involvement in the program helps to solve complex problems within their work environment, advance career paths, or to grow business. We hope that this program helps to develop habits that will be critical success factors for developing new career opportunities and long-term professional growth.

The PMINYC Mentoring Program is based on a one-on-one format. Participants in the program are encouraged to spend time sharing challenges, ideas, and perspectives on specific areas of project management for the benefit of their own professional development objectives. Mentors and mentees are paired based on areas of industry, interest, skills, and other similarities. Participation in the Mentoring Program is a rewarding experience, which will further establish your place in our professional and social networking community.

This voluntary program is governed by formal guidelines and goals designed to provide a framework for the mentor-mentee partnership. These guidelines also determine the completion of the pairing objectives. Please remember that your mentoring partnership is a volunteer effort and not a paid educational opportunity. Both partners must fully participate for the partnership to succeed.



"The mentoring program has meant so much to me. This program has matched me with someone who was aspiring to be a project manager and who has been through the grind. I realized I had not just a mentor but someone there to guide me." - Zachary Handler, Mentoring Program participant.

If you also would like to share your knowledge and help a mentee with his/her career like Zachary did, please join us! Email us for details: 

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What does a Mentor do?

Mentors are facilitators and catalysts in a process of discovery and insight. Previous experience should be used as a guideline rather than a master plan. In a learning partnership, the mentor’s role is to “guide on the side” rather than to be “the expert with the answers.” Share information that is valuable to your listener.

What does a Mentee do?

Mentees bear responsibility for setting priorities, finding resources, learning, and becoming increasingly self-directed throughout the mentoring partnership. The mentee focuses their participation on identifying and reaching professional development milestones or achieving career goals. Think about what drives your quest for knowledge. Have a set of goals to accomplish before being paired with a mentor.


All participants must be members of PMINYC and in good standing. Mentors must be PMP-certified and have maintained their PMP certification for at least the past five years. Mentors have volunteer status within PMINYC and are therefore required to complete a standard Confidentiality Agreement and Conflict of Interest form prior to participation.

No certification is required for mentees. Both partners must commit to meet a minimum of once every month for a minimum of six months. Mentors and mentees must mutually agree on a schedule. Meeting more frequently is encouraged, but not required. Please contact if your situation changes so that you are no longer able to meet the minimum requirements.


Mentors earn up to 49 PDUs per three-year recertification cycle.

  • Mentors can report 1 PDU per hour volunteered. This includes all meetings and time spent communicating, planning, and working directly with mentees. Maximum PDUs apply as noted under Category “Giving Back” per the CCRS Handbook. Maximum: 25 PDUs in a 3-year cycle.
  • Mentors can also report 1 PDU per hour participating in PMINYC’s exclusive Mentoring Workshops. Participating in each workshop earns 2 PDUs, and we host at least four workshops per year, totaling up to 24 PDUs per 3-year cycle. Maximum PDUs awarded as noted under category “Leadership” per the CCRS Handbook. Maximum: 24 PDUs in a 3-year cycle.


Step 1 - Download an application form, complete it, and save it to your computer:

Step 2 – Email your application and resume to

Step 3 – (Mentors only) Fill out the Volunteer Form and complete the Confidentiality Agreement and Conflict of Interest form that will be sent to you.

Thank you for your participation!