Why Volunteer with Us?


Chapter members serve in all board positions, conceive and execute all programs, serve as mentors, plan chapter meetings ... Anything and everything that with "we" do for our members is done by member volunteers - like you!







Volunteer Opportunities


If you are interested in volunteering with PMI NYC, here are some suggestions:


1) You must be a member of PMI New York City in order to volunteer!  Please check your PMI Dashboard to confirm that you are a member of our chapter before proceeding.

2) Please review your profile in the PMI Volunteer Engagement Platform (VEP) so that it includes your resume, and any Areas of Interest 

-3) If you are new to the chapter, please attend a New Member Orientation Meeting (held monthly) - and also attend a chapter meeting or some other event.  That way you’ll learn a bit about how the chapter works, and you’ll have a chance to speak with other volunteers.

-4) If you have a particular area you’d like to support, or have some specific skills you want to offer, please review the Volunteer Openings below and contact the individual notes.  Please share with them what you have in mind, what skills or experience you want to offer, as well as whatever objectives you have as a volunteer.  Please share your resume and LinkedIn page. 

-5) If you aren’t sure how to proceed – then submit an application for General Opportunities through VEP and include the items suggested above.  You’ll be contacted within 2 weeks.

-Thank you for your interest in supporting our chapter!


Posting Date Role Department Contact
01/31/2023 Event Calendar Coordinator Administration and Operations Jatinder Kumar
02/26/2024 Volunteer- Finance Finance Edward Mandell
04/02/2022 Member Advocates Volunteer Membership Bernie Kahn
4/11/2024 Volunteer Relations Data Analyst Membership Jim Litsas
04/02/2022 General Volunteering Opportunities Membership Volunteering
9/26/2022 Business-Development-Manager Marketing Kristen Zarcadoolas
9/26/2022 Channel-Marketing-Strategist Marketing Kristen Zarcadoolas
9/26/2022 Director-of-Communication---Marketing Marketing Kristen Zarcadoolas
9/26/2022 Director-of-Marketing-Operations Marketing Kristen Zarcadoolas
9/26/2022 Social-Media-Manager Marketing Kristen Zarcadoolas
9/26/2022 Visual-Designer Marketing Kristen Zarcadoolas
02/07/2023 Volunteer – Online Membership Meetings Membership Bernard Kahn
2/26/2024 Director of Membership Programs Membership Nigel Thomas
01/31/2023 Mentoring Program - Mentor Mentoring Nicholas Aprigliano
02/26/2024 Audit Committee Member Office of the President Kim Beynon
04/16/2024 Project Manager - Women in RegTech Outreach Outreach Diane Chan
02/20/2024 Program Manager - Academic Outreach Outreach Diane Chan
02/01/2023 Volunteer - Corporate Outreach Outreach Diane Chan
02/20/2024 Volunteer - Outreach Team Outreach Diane Chan
04/01/2024 ACP Volunteer for Study Buddies Professional Development Miriam Burrai
04/01/2024 PMP Volunteer for Study Buddies



Miriam Burrai



Q & A


If you are a new member


Experience suggests that new members first attend some chapter meetings and participate in chapter programs before volunteering.

Learning about the chapter and meeting other volunteers will help you find the best role and prepare for the time and responsibility you''ll take on.


What do you like to do? How do you want to develop? When and How much time do you plan for volunteering?


If you haven't created a "development plan" think about how experience as a volunteer might help.

Consider joining up with an Outreach activity and help the chapter give back to the NYC community.

Think about the different functional teams ... Programs... Outreach... Education... Communications... talk to other volunteers or contact the Volunteer Relations Team for ideas by sending an email to


If you are an experienced member


You might also consider helping other members through Mentoring (requires PMP certification plus 5 years of experience)

You might look for opportunities to develop leadership skills by serving as a team or chapter leader


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