PMINYC Officer Role Descriptions

High-Level Role Descriptions (from Approved PMINYC Chapter 2020 Bylaws):

The Board may modify the responsibilities from those specified below as necessary to manage the business of the PMI NYC CHAPTER. 

Roles and Responsibilities

Article V – PMI New York City Chapter Board of Directors:

Section 1. The PMI New York City Chapter shall be governed by a Board (“Board”). The Board shall be responsible for carrying out the purposes and objectives of the non-profit corporation (or equivalent). 

Section 2. . The PMI New York City Chapter shall consist of the officers of the PMI New York City Chapter elected by the membership and shall be members in good standing of PMI® and of the PMI New York City Chapter. Term of office for the officers shall be two (2) years, limited to two (2) consecutive terms in the same position, and no more than four (4) consecutive terms (eight (8) consecutive years) on the Board in general. The positions are staggered so half are elected each year. 

  • President
  • President Elect
  • Vice President (VP) Chapter Administration & Operations
  • Vice President (VP) Communications & Marketing
  • Vice President (VP) Finance
  • Vice President (VP) Membership
  • Vice President (VP) Outreach
  • Vice President (VP) Professional Development
  • Vice President (VP) Programs 
  • Vice President (VP) Strategic Planning
  • Vice President (VP) Technology
  • Past President


Section 3. President

 The President shall serve as the Chief Executive Officer for the New York City Chapter (PMINYC) and of the Board. The President has a fiduciary responsibility to the chapter in addition to being a member ex-officio with the right to vote on all committees except the Nominating and Elections committee. The President is subject to the same term limits as defined for the Board in general. 

Section 4. President Elect

The President Elect shall be responsible for projects and responsibilities determined by the President and other functions as specified by the Board.

Section 5. VP Chapter Administration & Operations

The Vice President of Chapter Adminstration & Operations shall serve as the Corporate Secretary for PMINYC and shall provide operations support.

Section 6. VP Communications & Marketing

The Vice President of Communications & Marketing shall serve to oversee the management of communications and marketing for PMINYC.

Section 7. VP Finance

The Vice President of Finance shall serve as the chief financial officer for PMINYC and shall oversee the management of funds for duly authorized purposes of the chapter in addition to all other duties assigned by the President of the Board of Directors.

Section 8. VP Membership

The Vice President of Membership shall serve to oversee the management of membership and volunteer programs for PMINYC.

Section 9. VP Outreach

The Vice President of Outreach shall serve to oversee the management of outreach for PMINYC.

Section 10. VP Professional Development

The Vice President of Professional Development shall serve to oversee the promotion and management of education, training, and professional development for PMINYC.

Section 11. VP Programs

The Vice President of Programs shall serve to oversee the management of scheduled and periodic meetings for the interests of the membership for PMINYC.

Section 12. VP Strategic Planning

The Vice President Strategic Planning shall be responsible for establishing, documenting, and serve to oversee the management of long-term strategic objectives of PMINYC, ensuring that actions and activities of the chapter are aligned with those plans and with PMI.

Section 13. Technology

The Vice President of Technology shall serve to oversee technology for PMINYC.

Section 14. Past President

The Past President is an honorary non-voting role and shall be responsible for providing guidance to the Chapter leadership. The Past President shall serve as an advocate for the PMINYC Chapter to PMI®, other PMI® Chapters, and the PM Community. The Past President’s responsibilities may include overseeing the chapter’s annual nominations and elections via the Nominating Committee and other functions as specified by the Board.


Detailed Role Descriptions can be found below (MIGRATE TO DRS):


President Elect

VP Chapter Administration & Operations

VP Communications & Marketing

VP Finance

VP Membership

VP Outreach

VP Professional Development

VP Programs 

VP Strategic Planning

VP Technology

Past President