Art of Leading Team that GSD (11/14/2023)

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Dates:                     11/14/2023
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Talk - The Art of Leading a Team that GSD

Nobody hires a leader because they want their organization to be the same in a month, 6 months, or a year. Leaders see what's next and lead their stakeholders to make what's new. To make things that matter, that solve a problem people think they have.

And ... effective leadership starts by creating a culture of discipline, trust, transparency, and accountability. This type of leadership requires that a leader is prepared, intentional about their goals and the battles they fight, and, that they are outcome obsessed.

The leadership model we predominantly see today is the "Cowboy-Up", "Show-Up, and Throw-Up," "Manage Expectations," and "Cross Our Fingers and Hope for the Best." When this approach leads to less than optimal results from the responsible teams, these managers think it's their job to "Hold Employees Accountable."

When holding people accountable doesn't work, they blame their transformation disciplines. They focus on fixing their Project Management, Agile, Scrum, DevOps, SAFe, and Change Management processes and frameworks. Learn how to be a leader that puts the foundation in place for a culture of discipline, trust, transparency, and accountability in service of building a high-performing team. You will walk away with tools and techniques proven to drive better outcomes, and that will set the foundation for improving the outcomes from your transformation disciplines.

Learning Outcomes:
   • Learn how to prepare to lead a team; effective leadership requires

     planning, intentionality, and discipline
   • Learn to use the 2x2 Prioritization Matrix, a daily, weekly, and

     monthly OUTCOME prioritization tool.
   • Learn how to conduct a weekly focusing exercise to ensure you block

     time to complete your #1 priorities.
   • Learn how to use a daily communication tool to prepare for and align

     your team on the priorities for the NEXT day.
   • Learn how to conduct a weekly team meeting, ensure alignment to

     objectives, and ensure your team is focused on their #1 priorities.
   • Learn how to rationalize future 2x2 items that move the needle and

     test them for demand before committing them to your Prioritization


Jason Scott


Scott, a talentless, real-life anti-hero who doesn't just talk the talk, he walks the walk. Growing up in the streets of Los Angeles with less-than-ideal parents, J. learned early on that actions speak louder than words.

After dropping out of high school at 17, J. joined the Navy and learned firsthand that grit and courage could overcome any lack of talent. He embraced every opportunity to learn and eventually became a Naval Rescue Swimmer, jumping out of helicopters to save lives.

Rewind, two decades ago, J. founded 120VC to help people, leaders, and teams get things done that really matter. He's uncovered some universal truths along the way: organizations are optimized for the results they're getting, and to get different results, humans need to perform their jobs differently.

But here's the kicker: humans crave success in all areas of their lives, and nobody knows how to be successful doing their job differently. That's where leaders come in - to help people feel safe to experiment and slay new ways of working.

J. Scott is the epitome of the anti-thought leader, proving that leadership isn’t about being the most talented or successful person on the team. It’s about helping your team members define and deliver success. If you surround yourself with talented people and inspire them to reach for THEIR potential, the leader doesn’t need to be talented. They just have to play for the team. J. Scott is a regular guy who's proven that actions speak louder than words.


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