Let us co-create a learning journey that meets your specific needs and goals.

Learning Solutions

Inspire, engage, and deliver results with a solid learning solutions strategy

Customized learning solutions are a key part of enabling teams and organizations to improve employee performance and business results. ILL creates and delivers customized learning journeys with proven business results for our clients.

Coaching and Mentoring

Bridging knowledge and practice

When you need to tackle organizational issues that go beyond the scope of individual or team level training, IIL’s Coaching and Mentoring services can help.

We teach skills, techniques and fundamental mindset shifts, so learners can develop the competence and confidence they need to implement deep, sustainable change. We provide both large and small group coaching, as well as individual or leader coaching.


Improving through sustainable change

At IIL, we understand that training and other individual or team solutions cannot solve every business problem. When you have a larger challenge that involves organizational level interventions, we provide Consulting to help diagnose the problem(s), and recommend appropriate business solutions.

Organizational Assessments

Set the stage for improvement in your organization

Where is your company in its journey towards excellence? Are your business needs fully aligned with high-impact, results-oriented training and development?

IIL’s Assessment Solutions help business leaders measure competency and organizational maturity levels in the areas of project, program or portfolio management, agile skills, and leadership competencies, to enable development of a tailored training curriculum.

Find out more about IIL’s Organizational Learning Solutions or contact us at learning@iil.com to schedule a call with one of our team members about your learning needs.


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