PMI NYC Job Posting Policy

PMI NYC is a member of the PMI Global network and leverages the associated chapters leading practices and goverance policies.  As such, though PMI NYC operates independently from its affiliated chapters we study, collaborate, adopt and share sound practices.  We are proud to recognize PMI Chicagoland for its governance work in developing and publishing policies.  With gratitude and attribution, we cite and adopt some of those policies as our own, as we grow and develop our own expertise.  Below is an outline of our current policy, subject to change as needed.


Job postings are provided as a convenience to the chapter membership and the business community. Listings are provided as a courtesy for members and employers; the chapter makes no guarantees and therefore accepts no liability for the listings.

At this time, no fee is charged for job postings.


  • Employment wanted, job listings, and volunteer listings are accepted.
  • All listing must be in MS Word format. PDFs cannot be accepted.
  • Indirect job listings (recruiters/third party) must be clearly noted.
  • Limit job listings to project/program/portfolio management and related specialties (i.e. scheduling).
  • Logos and Graphics are acceptable.
  • The listing itself must tell applicants how to contact you.
  • SPAM or FRAUD ads will be banned from posting in future.
  • Job postings will be removed from website after 2 months. If the job position is still open, jobs can be re-posted.


For job posting submissions, please send your job listing to