PMINYC News Publication Policy

PMI NYC is a member of the PMI Global network and leverages the associated chapters leading practices and governance policies.  As such, though PMI NYC operates independently from its affiliated chapters we study, collaborate, adopt and share sound practices. Below is an outline of our current policy, subject to change as needed.


The PMINYC Chapter Newsletter is sent to 3,300  members each month except during the summer months, July and August.  The content of the news publication (also known eblasts, news blasts or newsletters) is due NO LATER THAN the last business day of each month.  On an exception basis, we will allow a 5 day grace period.  We recommend sending your content 2 weeks or more prior to the deadline to avoid disappointment and to give the editorial team enough time to create a quality result.  

The chapter aims to release the monthly publication by the 2nd Wednesday of the month (or the Wednesday that precedes the monthly Chapter meeting, whichever is later).  However, at the discretion of the editorial team, Director of Communications and/or VP of Communications & Technology, the publication may be adjusted without notice.  The Chapter assumes no explicit or implicit liability for accelerating or postponing the publication date, or for any errors in the publication.  Should a misprint occur, the Chapter may offer to publish a correction at a later date, depending on the situation.

Announcements, notices, or advertisements may be accepted for publication at the discretion of the Communications team Director, Newsletter Program Manager, Editor, editorial team and/or VP of Communications & Technology, with the following conditions:

  • All items for publication are subject to editorial review.
  • Purchase of advertising secures access to PMI NYC members, and should not be construed to secure any editorial or position-placement privileges, without expressed written consent in a contract. When space limitations are at issue, all efforts will be exercised to resolve according to the following priorities, time-sensitive notices, Yearly sponsors’ advertisements and announcements. The highest priority in terms of any space limitations which may occur are yearly sponsors’ advertisements, announcements, and time-sensitive notices. Final decisions regarding editorial content and position placements are at the discretion of the VP of Communications & Technology, and Director of Communications.  
  • PMI NYC Chapter charges for ad space (see below). At the editor’s discretion, announcements and other information of interest to Chapter members may be published at no charge.
  • Proof copies are not available, even upon request.
  • Classified advertising in the PMI NYC Chapter newsletter is provided as a service to PMI members. The PMI member’s organization must be the primary employer. The name of the organization as well as a contact name and contact information must be included with the ad.

To obtain more information regarding the newsletter advertising, contact the Director of Marketing.


“Publication-ready information” means electronically-transferable writing and graphics, camera-ready art or logos, and typed information. Art or graphics work must be submitted in a TIFF or JPEG format. Publication-ready information must be submitted by the deadline date shown on the attached sheet for it to appear in the next month's issue. Our newsletter producer is available for a limited amount of consultation regarding the design and submission of publication-ready information. In general, publication-ready information will not be returned.

Publication-ready information, and the name and telephone number of a contact person (for questions about the material) should be submitted on and adhere to the guidelines, word limits and requirements on the Publication Form and emailed directly to:

The Publication Form is available on our website.

NOTE: Material deadlines MUST be met if your advertisement/article is to be included in the following month’s newsletter.