PMI NYC Chapter – Programs Walk-in Policy

Approved by the PMI NYC Bard of Directors May 14, 2018

This policy applies to the programs managed by the VP Programs areas of responsibility and is separate from policies established by the Symposium team, outreach and other teams that may schedule events for the PMI NYC Chapter.

Events offered and planned by the PMI NYC VP Program teams involve the selection, and use of several venues. A specific process for registering for an event is necessary for planning and control purposes. In many cases, the chapter utilizes a corporate facility and these facilities have established security measures that must be observed. Some venues do not execute a formal security process which allows for some flexibility in allowing members and guests who have not formally registered for the event to be admitted.  The Programs team also recognizes that chapter members may have unpredictable schedules that prevent them from registering for events within the specified time frames.

To address the issue of managing meetings and events in an orderly fashion and to establish a process for walk-ins (people who did not register for an event and attempt to gain admittance on the day and time of the event), the following arrangements will be established:

  1. For any venue that requires advanced registration for security purposes, walk-in attendance will not be permitted and there will be no exceptions. Members and guests must register for the event prior to the closing of open registration. PMI NYC Leadership team members are not authorized to approve or arrange for walk-in entrance at venues with expressed and enforced security policies in place. Historically the chapter can expect some no shows (people who register but do not actually attend) at these events however, there will be no consideration for walk –in’s at these venues. Walk-in attendance will not be permitted.
  2. For venues that do not have a specific security policy in place – Registration for the event is requested and preferred to facilitate the management of attendance and preparation for the meeting, including room capacity, food and beverages. Registration for the event will remain open until the capacity for the facility has been reached or until the specified registration period has ended. Based on past experience, the chapter can expect a consistent percentage of “no shows”. At these venues, a limited number of walk in registrations will be permitted. The following conditions will apply:
    1. There will be no guarantee that space will be available for a walk in. The risk is placed entirely with the person described as the “walk-in”
    2. Walk in registrants are required to provide payment to the PMI NYC Chapter for the specified amount advertised for the event plus a $5.OO admin fee. Cash will not be accepted for entrance to any event. The PMI NYC Chapter will utilize credit card payment for walk-in attendees.
    3. Walk-ins will be limited to no more than 20 registrants or the available seating whichever is less.
    4. Walk-ins must wait for registered attendees to be processed. This may result in a delayed entrance to the event.
    5. All walk-in attendees are required to register and pay the established fees. No exceptions.
    6. PMI Volunteers who are identified as walk-ins are subjected to the same conditions with the exception of the fee. Volunteers will pay the volunteer fee posted in star chapter plus the associated $5.00 admin fee. Payment will be processed during on–site registration.
    7. No preferential treatment will be offered to any walk-in attendee. Special treatment based on relationships with chapter leaders may lead to complaints by other members and may be considered a violation of the PMI Code of Ethics.